Transtacker 4100 Optional Extras

Reversing Camera
Reversing Camera
Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera (Above)
With the help of a wide angle camera, you can stack in all conditions. You have the choice of a camera with or without a 7” screen. The camera includes heated lens so reduces visibility problems. 

LED Lighting
LED Lighting
LED Lighting

LED Lighting Package (Above)
To complement the reversing camera, we can supply a 4000lm Heavy Duty LED Work light set to go onto the rear of the Transtacker to again assist with visibility while stacking. This can be controlled in cab with a toggle switch located by your Transtacker 4100 screen. 

drawbar suspension

Drawbar Suspension (Above)

The drawbar suspension consists of 2 hydraulic cylinders that are dampened for a more superior ride and control to the Transtacker and Tractor. The height of the drawbar can be adjusted by one of the spools in the tractor allowing for more accurate bale chasing.  

Weigh Scale

Weigh Scale Kit (Above)

This integrated Bale Weighing system will weigh the pair of bales on the turntable. This will show a total of your load on your Transtacker control screen for convenience. This also comes with a resettable bale weight counter. 

Tracking System
With the help of this new tracking system, the internal battery will last up to 3 years allowing minimal maintenance and no external power is needed. It is IOS and Android compatible with a 3 year subscription allowing you to track your machine from anywhere in the world with pin point accuracy. You can integrate a Geo fence meaning you will get notifications when it leaves a certain perimeter. 

Transtacker Accessories

Auto Part Load

Wheeled Bale Turner
If required, bales can be turned onto their sides for collection on the trailer, whether this is for personal preference or you require the strings on the side of the bale. The front hitch mounted wheeled bale turner can handle any job and comes with hydraulic folding as standard for road transport. 

Auto Part Load

Quarter Turn Bale Chute
If you have the need to turn the bales through a quarter turn as they leave the baler we can also supply a chute for the rear of the baler. Our design not only incorporates a full width start to the chute to prevent the bale twisting on exit, it also has a bale drop alarm fitted as standard for easy connection to a Massey Ferguson Baler. £750.00 + VAT and Delivery 

CTF Nudge Bar (left and below)
To complement the Transtacker 4100, we are offering the New CTF Nudge bar to help comply with the strict CTF rules. With a standard inbuilt hydraulic dampening system to negate the damage to your tractor front links and the CTF Nudge bar. You require a pair of front hydraulics to operate the CTF Nudge Bar so it can be folded in and out. £4,500 + VAT and Delivery. A hire option is available, please get in contact for further information. 

CTF Nudge Bar
CTF Nudge Bar
CTF Nudge Bar

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